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Tiffaney Keith 3Student Testimonial:

The reason I chose this tutorial is the need I had to improve my performance on the math and real property sections of the real estate exam for the state of Georgia. The tutorial was broken up in 25 modules that were easy to understand and very helpful. One big benefit of this program was that it allowed me to go back and re-watch videos and go over practice questions. Before I took this tutorial I had already taken the state exam twice I had improved from the first attempt but I was still lacking in a couple sections of the math.Tiffaney Keith 1

My comfort level with working out a math problem has increased dramatically from before I took the program. Before I did not have the confidence to comprehend the math problems and I didn’t exactly know where to start, this program has helped so much.

I have had friends from school that paid for tutors and even some that took the state exam numerous times, a lot of them had trouble with math. I only wish I had found this sooner so I could’ve referred those friends and saved them money, however I will refer friends in the future to prevent them paying ridiculous fees.

Tiffaney Keith 2With every module I pass I develop a higher comfort level in myself to pass the state exam. I took notes on every section and thumbtacked them to my walls so that every morning I would wake up and review the modules. I would highly recommend this course especially if you are having problems with math whatever issues you may have.Tiffaney Keith 4


Tiffaney Keith, Real Estate Student, January 2016